Why It’s Time to Turn to Instagram Marketing

The use of Instagram has been exponentially increasing: over the past few years, it has grown from a simple photo-sharing service into a serious social media marketing tool. If you are investing in social media marketing, Instagram is definitely not a platform you should leave out. Various brands increase their audiences and get more follower interactions than they would receive with platforms like Twitter or Facebook. Celebrities, models, entrepreneurs, and other professionals alike now earn significant amounts of money through their Instagram accounts. In this article, we are offering a quick peek into techniques for successful Instagram marketing.


Instagram Marketing: Some Statistics

Still not convinced that Instagram marketing is worth giving a try? If you are a number junkie, here are some recent stats from 2020:
- Instagram provides an advertising audience of 1.16 billion people.
- Instagram is the second most popular network after Facebook.
- The potential reach for Instagram marketing has increased by 76 million in just the last quarter.
- More than 36% of B2B decision-makers use Instagram to research new services or products.
- 90% of Instagram users follow at least one business account. 83% of users admit that Instagram has helped them discover new services and products.
- There are 25 million business profiles registered on Instagram.

It’s clear that Instagram is not just a platform to share personal photos anymore - whether they are of you or your cat. Instead, it is a global platform that helps brands showcase products, humanize their content, and inspire their audience.

5 Effective Instagram Marketing Tips

The best part about Instagram marketing is that you can get started organically before transitioning into paid advertising.
Here are a few tips that can help you get noticed on Instagram organically and increase your customer base:
1. Stay focused. It is important to create a separate business account to share your products and services instead of mixing in the photos of you, your family, or your travels.
2. Be consistent with aesthetic. Instagram started out originally as a platform to share photos and videos, and its users still expect to see aesthetically pleasing content. Select a general aesthetic for your brand and stick to it in terms of colour and style. Also, it is a good idea to invest in some quality photos.
3. Choose the right hashtags. To increase the visibility and engagement of your posts, you need to include relevant hashtags. Avoid the most popular and generic ones, as they are too competitive to rank for. Instead, choose the hashtags that are relevant specifically to your industry.
4. Write engaging captions. Keep your followers entertained with witty and sharp captions. Keep them clear, but not too wordy.
5. Use Instagram stories. You can go live on your Instagram stories or post photos and videos that don’t go without the aesthetics of your feed. Instagram stories are a great way to humanize your brand and share the answers to frequently asked questions about your products.

What is Instagram Advertising?

Once you get a head start and obtain some audience organically, you may want to try Instagram Advertising. This marketing strategy involves paying to have your sponsored content displayed on Instagram to reach an even broader audience.
Similar to Facebook ads, paid campaigns on Instagram can help to increase your website traffic, grow brand exposure, or generate new leads.

Grow Your Business with Instagram

In the modern world, Instagram is no longer a simple platform to share your photos and videos. Rather, it is an effective tool for content marketing that can help you promote your brand and increase your audience and engagement rate.
Contact us today to find out how you can increase your sales and build new revenue streams with Instagram marketing.