Top 3 Benefits of Facebook Marketing for Business

Using Facebook and other social media platforms for digital marketing purposes can bring huge advantages to your business. It has the power to increase brand awareness and skyrocket sales. Here are the biggest benefits of Facebook Marketing to you and your business.


Benefits of Facebook Marketing: The Power of Addiction

The major advantage of Facebook as a marketing platform is that it is incredibly addictive. Social media addiction is real. In today’s world, technology accompanies us every step of the way.
That is why Facebook makes a perfect platform to promote your service or product. Facebook users develop certain behavioural habits, such as scrolling the News Feed out of boredom and consuming the information they see. This means that they are ready to be sold to.
In addition, the fact that Facebook owns Instagram makes it ideal for cross-platform marketing. Over three quarters of Instagram users admit that they have discovered products or services through the platform, so if you don’t use Facebook and Instagram ads, you are definitely missing out.

It is time to start taking advantage of social media addiction and make it work in your favour.

Here are the top 3 benefits of Facebook Marketing for business:
1. Targeting Specific Audiences

Just like with Google Ads, with Facebook paid advertising, you have the power to control who sees your ads. You have the ability to create different audiences, depending on the types of people that you would like to show your ads to:
- You can set up the target audiences based on location, meaning that you can focus on the people around you. This is particularly useful if your business has a physical location. You can also exclude people who are far away.
- You can target people based on their age and gender. You can even get a lot more specific than that! For example, you can set up your ads not to appear on timelines of those who have already liked your Facebook page.

2. Promoting Content

With Facebook Ads, you are not limited to just promoting your product or service. You can promote your content as well! If you invest some funds behind the content you write, you will get a lot more views of your articles than you would organically.
When it comes to choosing the articles you wish to promote on Facebook, you have two options:
- Promote the posts that perform poorly. This will drive traffic to them and give them some additional visibility.
- Promote your more popular posts. The fact is, Facebook’s algorithms reward more engaging content. As such, pushing more popular posts will get you more engagement.

3. Remarketing

Facebook Ads can be set up to follow the potential customers who have previously engaged with your content in one way or another. For example, they have visited your site, clicked on the “contact us” button, or added something to their basket.
It is important to show your ads to these people, because they may have gotten distracted rather than decided not to purchase your product. These customers are already familiar with your product and are more likely to convert.

Turn Social Media Addiction in Your Favour

The main benefit of using Facebook Ads is that you are able to reach the customer base that you wouldn’t reach otherwise. Naturally, your friends and family will like your business page, but opting for paid advertising is a great way to engage a wider audience.

Why wait any longer? Today is the day to take advantage of all the benefits that Facebook marketing strategies have to offer for business owners. Contact us today for more information.