Introduction to Email Marketing

Email marketing is not a new form of digital marketing. It has been around for years, and not without a reason. It presents the most effective and direct way to connect with your leads, advertise your products and services, and obtain customers. In this article, we will share the basics of email marketing: what it is, why you should give it a try, and where to start.


What is Email Marketing?

Email marketing is an old, yet effective, digital marketing strategy, where emails are sent out to leads and potential customers. With effective email marketing, the leads will be turned into customers, and one-time buyers will be converted into loyal, repeat customers.

Why Email Marketing Remains Effective

Email marketing has a number of advantages over other online marketing techniques:
● It’s direct. This means that every subscriber on your list receives an email just like they would receive a regular letter in the post. This is different from other types of advertising, where they would find a piece of information in a news feed.
● It’s customizable. You can build an email campaign on virtually any subject. You can include any bells and whistles to make it more effective and achieve your goals.
● Email is necessary. Most people check their email at least once a day to make sure they don’t miss any important messages.
● It’s cheap. Unlike Google or Facebook Ads, you don’t have to pay to send out emails, making email marketing a great and inexpensive digital marketing strategy with higher returns on investment.

A Secret to Success: Your Marketing List

To get the most out of your email marketing campaign, you can’t just start sending emails to people randomly. The best campaigns require the best mailing lists, so building an effective list should be your top priority.
When building your quality list, keep three main points in mind:
● Relevance. These people should be interested in your industry and your brand specifically.
● Quality. You need to have real email addresses from real people who check their email on a daily basis.
● Volume. Once the first two requirements are met, you can start focusing on the volume or quantity of contacts in your list.

How to Build Your Email List from Scratch

Buying email lists is always a bad idea, as you rarely get what you paid for. Instead, work on building your email list organically.
1. Start with who you know. Include everyone you already have on file. You may have contacts from previous email campaigns or within your CRM system.
2. Build a blog. Publishing quality content is a great way to increase the list of email subscribers who wish to receive future content updates about new blog posts.
3. Use an opt-in service. You can offer to give something valuable in exchange for the contact information of people visiting your website. For example, a free sample or trial.
4. Get your contacts to share. Add a “share” button at the bottom of your email content to get your people sharing the email newsletters with their friends.

It’s Time to Give Email Marketing a Try

If you are having difficulties building your own email list, let the professionals take care of this! Contact us today for more information about email marketing strategies to help grow your small business and increase customer loyalty.